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The Joy of Being:
Expanding Our Capacity to
Embody Innate Happiness


Thursday - Sunday

September 22nd - 25th 

7:30am -1:30pm Pacific

"Welcome to our first four day retreat. This retreat is an opportunity to expand our hearts through soaking in Being and growing in our sense of intimacy with our humanness. As we expand our capacity to digest and be with the difficult sensations so too we open and expand our capacity to embody joy. Our most difficult moments are fuel for the hearts radiance and compassion to expand." ~Chesaray


Retreat gives us the time and space to devote ourselves to what matters most. Come join us for a four day immersion of devotion and discovery of your whole self.  We will spend our time sharing authentically from our experience and soaking in the healing light of what is.


Our deepest challenges contain gems that surpass all understanding. We become more of ourselves as we find tender ways of leaning into the darkness we hold. We learn to stand in our True Lightness when our mind’s notions of light and dark dissolve into this great knowing.

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Chesaray is a gifted healer that is filled with down-to-earth wisdom and loving presence. For over 15 years she has studied and practiced ancient spiritual traditions, somatic psychology, conscious movement, holistic health, and bodywork. Because she faced tremendous difficulties during a dark night of the Soul, she has a gift for meeting people where they're at and supporting their awakening.


Chesaray works online with people from all over the world. If possible, you are encouraged to contact us and book a session  after your retreat to integrate into daily life what the retreat experience has opened in you. 


Program Schedule


7:30am – 9:30am Pacific

11:00am-1:30pm Pacific


7:30am – 9:30am Pacific

11:00am-1:30pm Pacific


7:30am – 9:30am Pacific

11:00am-1:30pm Pacific


7:30am – 9:30am Pacific

11:00am-1:30pm Pacific


Program Activities

  • Guided Healing Meditations

  • Somatic Self inquiry Sessions

  • A non-shaming space that is trauma informed 

  • Explore your experience and heartfelt questions

  • Learn how to be with all aspects of yourself

  • Grow is self care and love

Retreat Details


Confidentiality is essential to the healing strength of the retreat. This event will be recorded and no recording will be used without a participant's permission. What is shared in retreat is a spiritual practice in itself. We have found people can go deeper if their personal content is only theirs to bring up. We ask that only the person who shares speak about their experience, and that others keep any advice, cross talk, or discussion of other peoples content to themselves. If something is evoked, you're welcome to express what is alive for you without referring to other people's shares.


Most of how technology is used inhibits the mind from dropping into slow rhythms of deep healing, connection, and rest. Unless there is an emergency, join us in discovering what a short digital detox might offer inside and outside of our meeting times. Please activate auto response, handle your business before the starting time on Saturday, and prioritize your inner life until retreat ends Sunday. We trust in your maturity, inner integrity, and self-commitment to follow this possibly not so easy guideline. If you have an exception that would prevent you from attending, please contact the organizer to see if an exception can be made.



The cost for this Online Retreat is a sliding scale of $200-$400.

Partial financial scholarships and work-trade opportunities are available. To sign up or for more information please contact chesaray.assistant@gmail.com