Embody Love, Ground, and Grace.

Find true rest in the stillness of being, tenderness for your humanity, and learn to allow every aspect of you to find its way home.

Group Healing Meditation and Embodied Movement series Wednesday's at 9:45-10:30 a.m. PST

Monthly Somatic Self-Inquiry Gatherings 

Tuesday Jan 25th, 8am - 10am Pacific

Tuesday Feb 22nd, 8am - 10am Pacific

Tuesday March 15th, 8am - 10am Pacific

Tuesday April 12th, 8am - 10am Pacific

Online Retreats  

February 26th - 27th   7:30am - 1pm Pacific

March 26th - 27th   7:30am - 1pm Pacific

April 23rd - 24th   7:30am - 1pm Pacific

Healing and Awakening

Chesaray is a powerful, real, and intuitive companion for somatic healing and transformation. Her sessions and retreats support the discovery of inherent happiness and healing from within. Here you can explore awakening thru the lens of your humanity and divinity, find guidance for deeply balancing the nervous system, and learn to abide in True Nature. She invites us to slow down and turn towards our direct experience where we can remember how to relate with ease, discover our inherent gifts, and live a more authentic spiritual life.




Somatic Self-Inquiry

Somatic self-inquiry sessions welcome you as you are, support you in exploring what's really going on, and guide you to resource in unconditional Love and presence. These sessions are offered online and in person, and often include healing meditations, trauma sensitive somatic exploration, nervous system regulation, and spiritual guidance.  


Resourcing Healing

Resourcing healing sessions offer you a space to simply lie down and receive. These sessions are offered online and in person and can create profound relaxation, restore the body's relationship to pure being, and facilitate the return of balance to the system. Receiving cranial sacral therapy, and deep energetic healing people have had awakenings unto oneness, and unveiled the root cause of repetitive emotional, spiritual, and physical dis-ease.

“I had a powerful session with Chesaray where I awoke to Who I truly Am. I felt my old self dissolve, and experienced a connection to the Everything that I am. It touched a very deep part of me that has been longing for this wisdom my whole life. Moreover, Chesaray is an exceptionally gifted energy healer who has lowered what once was my debilitating back pain to merely a thought of something that no longer exists. As the son of chiropractic parents, I spent decades receiving adjustments which would relieve my pain for only a few days at a time. It has been over two months since my appointment with Chesaray and I have remained pain free the entire time. Words cannot express how grateful I am for this lady’s talent.”



Group & Individual Retreats

Retreats can create a potent return to connection and transform your essential relationship with life. A daily schedule of meditation, somatic self inquiry, conscious movement, Q&A time, dyad exploration, and resourcing sessions create an ideal retreat environment for deep unfolding and discovery. Personal retreats are a rare opportunity for you to receive one-on-one in depth support and to discover the total permission to unfold at your own pace. Group retreats are a powerful support for your willingness to dive into experiential self-discovery.

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About Chesaray

Chesaray's search for “What is really Real,” began as early as she can remember. After losing several significant loved ones in her teens, she was driven into a deep contemplation of grief, God, and death. Her university studies in Philosophy of Mind and Buddhism led her to study abroad in India where she set her heart on embodying freedom. She has wholeheartedly explored the psyche and soma inside and out, and the interface of the healing arts with abiding spiritual awakening.



"Root communing with Ground"

 Painting by Chesaray

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Join together in the healing transmission of Grace and explore relevant topics on embodied meditation and somatic Awakening.

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