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All is Possible.

"True freedom can be found in

the depths of your humanness."


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Upcoming Events

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An Open Circle

class on embodied movement


Magic of Embodiment: Online Retreat

A three day

            Online Retreat 

"Meeting with Chesaray is an opportunity to return to simple nourishment and natural wellbeing. She emanates an invitation to drop the complicated and be honest about what's really going on, while offering exquisite support and moment to moment attunement. Through a wide variety of emotional states and confusing spiritual openings, Chesaray's companionship and guidance has offered me a kind of empowerment in my own journey, an authority, and a space to trust and surrender into. The space always seems to fit the need, and has a way of revealing what's good, reliable, and true."

                     Taylor, Transformational Coach


“I had a powerful session with Chesaray where I awoke to Who I truly Am. I felt my old self dissolve, and experienced a connection to the Everything that I am. It touched a very deep part of me that has been longing for this wisdom my whole life. Moreover, Chesaray is an exceptionally gifted energy healer who has lowered what once was my debilitating back pain to merely a thought of something that no longer exists. As the son of chiropractic parents, I spent decades receiving adjustments which would relieve my pain for only a few days at a time. It has been over two months since my appointment with Chesaray and I have remained pain free the entire time. Words cannot express how grateful I am for this lady’s talent.”



Group Retreats
(Online and In Person)

Retreats offer a powerful space to prioritize wellbeing and transform your relationship with life. Meditation, Q&A time, somatic self- inquiry, conscious movement, dyad exploration, and resourcing sessions create an ideal retreat environment for deep unfolding and discovery. Group containers are where the magic of the collective can support our experiential self-discovery. With the committed time of retreat we can renew our dedication to liberation and transformation.


About Chesaray

Chesaray’s search for “What is Real?” began as early as she can remember. As a teen she was drawn into a deep contemplation of grief, God, and death. This drew her to study Buddhism in India, where she learned from several masters. Upon returning, she began to immerse herself in spiritual study with teachers from the west and train in healing and awakening modalities. After years of development and a plunge into a dark night of the soul, Chesaray was stripped of her common sense of self and the world. Her initially unbearable descent turned inside out, and became a bow to Life, and an unconditional love for the grit and joys of living. It is this Love that guides her heart and mind as she continues awakening and serves the awakening of humanity.

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