Upcoming Events


Online Retreats

Come deepen into yourself, find stability in Presence, and discover a true space to bring your heart's call to Freedom.

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Co-Led Online Retreats

Develop your capacity to explore Presence in Dyads, co-regulate, and be in connection with truth.


Open Circle Events

A special event offered by Open Circle Center. Meditation, somatic inquiry and an opportunity for exchanges.


Weekly Online Meditation

Join a weekly gathering and drink in the transmission of Being while somatically inquiring into a given topic.


Private Retreats

In person one-on-one personally designed and supported retreat with Chesaray. These rare opportunities for life changing transformation are usually in Ojai and one to five days in length depending on availability and need.

Chesaray holds a rare healing space that integrates elevated spiritual energies with grounded, practical guidance. Her transmission of no-nonsense, down-to-earth practicality and deep, loving wisdom with is unique and hard to find. When she works on me, I feel a palpable connection to unconditional love.”