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About Chesaray


Updated bio coming soon :)


Chesaray recognizes life itself as her greatest teacher and is utterly grateful for the guidance and transmission of her teachers. She has an embodied understanding of fierce Grace and the power of integration. 


She is married to Julian Misliuc and loves the evolutionary potential of a committed relationship. She has supported countless students through the entanglements of life to clarity and Grace.



Her heart bows to the the light of Jesus, the love of Amma, the clarity of Adyashanti, the nurturing wisdom of Jeannie Zandi, the tireless support of Anrael, the power of David and Gracelight, the wild devotion of Ramakrishna, the Silence of nature, and Love that continues to light her way.


Chesaray has completed many meditation retreats in traditions such as S. N. Goenka's Vipassana, Sri Aurobindo, Tibetan, Theravada, Ammachi, and Zen Buddhism. Her inner work has developed from learning from the land, solitude in the wilderness, and participating in Lakota sweat lodges. Sometimes, upon feeling called by her inner voice, she would go out into nature and fast. She has spent countless hours in inquiry dyads: a practice in which partners provide each other a space to go deeply into their own experiences. Practice in conscious movement, and dance has opened up a deep connection to spirit in the body. She has attended multiple retreats, courses, and meetings with Ammachi, Jeannie Zandi, David Pomeratz, Jon Bernie, Adyashanti, Reggie Ray, Gangaji, and Byron Katie.


Courses and Formal Education:


  • Is a graduate of the two-and-a-half-year Hakomi Body-Centered Psychotherapy Training

  • Is a Certified Core Synchronism (Cranial Sacral Therapy and Polarity Therapy) practitioner through the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics

  • Has a B.A. in Philosophy from Santa Clara University

  •  Completed Antioch University's Buddhist studies abroad program in India

  • Attended 1 year of Meridian University’s Master’s in Psychotherapy Program 

  • Is a Member of the Association for Spiritual Integrity

  • Has completed NICABM’s healing trauma, EMDR, and Working with Anger in Client's courses

  • Is an Advanced Angelic Reiki Practitioner

  • Studied plant spirit medicine under the guidance of Doug Simon

  • Is a certified Yoga Teacher (500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training) 

  • Has studied the clinical application of Polyvagal theory and Somatic Experiencing

  • Is a Dancing Freedom Facilitator

  • Completed Death Doula training thru Alquimia Wellness

  • Has training in and has supported people as a Labor Doula, and Pediatric Cranial Sacral practitioner

  • Is attuned in relational healing models and developmental/attachment trauma resolution

  • Has training in Non-Violent Communication

  • Is an Enneagram and Holotropic breath work advocate

  • Has worked in the Holistic Health and Wellness field in many capacities and completed numerous trainings

  • Has supported people through intense Kundalini awakenings and somatic unwinding

  • Is experienced in facilitating integration after psychedelic medicine journeys and healing after adverse drug experiences

  • always learning 


Chiara, England

“Chesaray's grounding course was very profound for me. Lots was revealed on many different levels and I felt powerful work going on in the background throughout the course. Her flows and transmission have a powerful quality and I highly recommend the course. ."

Sasha, Vancouver, BC

"Chesaray holds a rare healing space that integrates elevated spiritual energies with grounded, practical guidance. Her transmission of no-nonsense, down-to-earth practicality and deep, loving wisdom which is unique and hard to find. When she works on me, I feel a palpable connection to unconditional love." 

Scott, Transformational Coach

"Chesaray is the real deal. She holds an incredibly powerful and exquisitely gentle space for unfurling and awakening. She is true guide, not because she has answers, but because she is a clear and grounded mirror. I can hardly express how meaningful and powerful my sessions with Chesaray have been. I couldn't imagine being on this journey without her steadfast guidance and compassionate presence."
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