About Chesaray

Chesaray's search for “What is really Real,” began as early as she can remember. After losing several significant loved ones in her teens, she was driven into a deep contemplation of grief, God, and death. Her university studies in Philosophy of Mind and Buddhism led her to study abroad in India where she set her heart on embodying Freedom. She has wholeheartedly explored the psyche and soma inside and out. She has married the healing arts with abiding spiritual Awakening. Her gift of healing Grace, her devotion to learning from life experience,  and her over fifteen years of training and practice in meditation, conscious movement, bodywork, and psycho-therapeutic modalities make her an excellent companion for others in their awakening process.

Chesaray has a profound reverence for and an embodied gnosis of ordinary life. She has held space for herself and others through hellacious trauma and pain and mind blowing spiritual experiences.  She has a clear ability to be with people right where they are,  the wisdom to guide them through the gnarliest of life's struggles, and the heart to share in their joy and growth.  Chesaray rests in Being and Gratitude for the Hand of Jesus, the Love of Amma, the Clarity and Simplicity of Adyashanti, the Nurturing Wisdom of Jeannie Zandi, the Tireless Support of Anrael, and the Power of Gracelight.

Over the last fifteen years, Chesaray has spent many months meditating on silent retreats or alone in the wilderness. Sometimes, upon feeling called by her inner voice, she would go out into nature without food for a week or more at a time. She has spent countless hours doing dyads: one-on-one meditations in which partners provide each other a space to go deeply into their own experiences.


While it is clear to Chesaray that her healing ability and presence was developed primarily during her radical journey within, she has also developed a vast wealth of knowledge of different healing modalities and schools from which she can call to aid in healing.


As part of her lifelong quest for embodied Truth, Chesaray:


  • Has an embodied understanding of the Aurobindo and non-dual lineages.

  • Is a Graduate from the two and a half year Hakomi Body-Centered Psychotherapy training

  • Is a Certified Core Synchronism (Cranial Sacral Therapy and Polarity Therapy) Practicioner through the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics

  • Has a B.A. in Eastern Philosophy from Santa Clara University

  • Is an Advanced Angelic Reiki Practitioner

  • Is a Labor Doula

  • Studied plant spirit medicine under the guidance of Doug Simon

  • Attended Meridian University’s Master’s in Psychotherapy program

  • Is a Dancing Freedom Facilitator

  • Is a Shamanic Medicine Practitioner

  • Has completed NICABM’s healing trauma and healing anger courses

  • Has studied Somatic Experiencing

  • Has studied the clinical application of Polyvagal theory

  • Is attuned in relational healing models and developmental trauma resolution

  • Is an Enneagram advocate

  • Is familiar with clearing old somatic memories from the body and entity releasing

  • Has supported people through addiction, depression, anxiety, sexual abuse, and intense Kundalini awakenings

  • Is experienced in facilitating integration after psychedelic medicine journeys and healing after adverse drug experiences.

  • Has practices extensively with several Vipassana lineages

  • Has practiced with Reggie Ray from Dharma Ocean

  • Is invested in the devotional path, and is in reverence to Ammachi’s transmissions

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