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Embodied Self-Inquiry Sessions

Embodied Self Inquiry sessions invite you to be with what's really going on, and support the discovery of unconditional love and presence in the midst of your humanity. Chesaray’s intuitive abilities, relational attunement, and years of training in the therapeutic process all create a tender held space for people’s explorations. Chesaray supports people in learning how to rest and allow embodied Divine realization. 

Chesaray's training in the Hakomi method and somatic trauma resolution create a dynamic container for healing deeply held limited beliefs and pain. Her sessions are saturated in loving presence, wisdom, and being. This supports the soma and psyche to return to balance and rest. Drawing from her extensive holistic healing education, life experience, and embodied spiritual exploration with master teachers, she can support your spiritual evolution. Ordinary life is where our deepest learning and possibility for integration happens. These sessions support you to ground and open to grace in every aspect of your life.

Sessions are 60 minutes at the rate of $175. 


Small Group Sessions (beginning 2023):

Small group sessions of 2-3 are available. The cost and time of an hour session is split between 2 or 3 people. Each person will have 20 or 30 minutes to explore and have the added benefit of being witnessed and witnessing another students process. Group sessions are a powerful way to increase our capacity to deepen with others and we end with authentic appreciative feedback to support relational healing.

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Chesaray brings a simplicity and depth that has supported me through so many different states, such as dysregulation, wild emotions, and confusing spiritual phenomena and openings. Sitting with Chesaray is reminder to work with what's happening now, as her impeccable attunement is always teaching this lesson. Because she brings a wide variety of practical tools and embodied guidance through various depths of the mystery, I always feel supported no matter what odd twists and turns my process takes. 


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