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Embodied Self-Inquiry Sessions

Somatic Self Inquiry sessions often include guided meditations, trauma sensitive somatic exploration, and conscious movement. Online and in person you can feel supported in exploring what's really going on, be welcomed as you are, and discover the unconditional love and presence within. Chesaray’s intuitive abilities, energetic transmission, and years of training in the therapeutic process all create a tender held space for people’s explorations.

Chesaray's training in the Hakomi method and somatic trauma resolution create a dynamic container for healing deeply held limited beliefs and somatic pain. Her sessions are deeply saturated in loving presence, wisdom, and being. This supports the soma and psyche to return to balance and rest. Drawing from her experiences with a broad range of adversity, she can truly guide you into your innate freedom just as you are. Ordinary life is where our deepest learning and integration tends to happen. These sessions support you to ground and open to grace in such a way as to impact and guide you in every aspect of your life.

Sessions are 60 minutes at the rate of $150. 


Small Group Sessions (beginning 2023):

Small group sessions of 2-3 are available. The cost and time of an hour session is split between 2 or 3 people. Each person will have 20 or 30 minutes to explore and have the added benefit of being witnessed and witnessing another students process. Group sessions are a powerful way to increase our capacity to deepen with others. (Article on group work coming soon)

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Working with Chesaray has changed my life. For two weeks, we did an hour online session every weekday, and I am literally transformed. I felt a heart to heart connection, that I didn’t know could happen at a distance. I released a lot of old emotions, and healed really deeply. She helped me to see precisely what emotions were stuck inside my chronic pain. After our first one hour healing session, I had no more back pain. I think Chesaray has this great sensitive capacity to really connect with you wherever you are.”