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Somatic Self-Inquiry

Somatic Self Inquiry sessions welcome you as you are, support you in exploring what's really going on, and guide you to resource in unconditional Love and Presence. These sessions are offered online and in person, and often include healing meditations, trauma sensitive somatic exploration, nervous system regulation, and spiritual guidance.


Source Healing

Source Healing sessions offer you a space to simply lie down and receive. These sessions are offered online and in person and can create profound relaxation, restore the body's relationship to pure Being, and facilitate the return of balance to the system. People have had deep awakenings unto Oneness, and unveiled the root cause of repetitive emotional, spiritual, and physical dis-ease.

Chesaray holds a rare healing space that integrates elevated spiritual energies with grounded, practical guidance. Her transmission of no-nonsense, down-to-earth practicality and deep, loving wisdom with is unique and hard to find. When she works on me, I feel a palpable connection to unconditional love.”


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