Resourcing Healing

Resourcing healing offers a space to simply lie down and receive. These sessions can create profound relaxation, restore the body's relationship to pure being, and facilitate the return of balance to the system. Receiving cranial sacral therapy, and deep energetic healing people have had awakenings unto oneness, unveiled the root causes of repetitive emotional and physical suffering, and returned to a pain free existence. The presence of being, benevolent touch, angelic Reiki, and core synchronism help to create a field of transformation that balances and awakens the physical, emotional and subtle bodies.


Chesaray is an advanced bodywork practitioner and has had realized energetic transmission and healing happen just as dramatically in person as online. Her gift of healing is silent and soothing, often creating profound shifts in people in just one session. The foundation of her offering is in the simplicity of human to human relational contact and non-dual transmission. She is intuitive on many levels and works with other light beings inter-dimensionally to bring forward the highest healing possible. Because embodied awakening often requires the shedding of layers of shadow and complexity, she has developed extensive experience in states regulation, kundalini regulation, entity removal, chord cutting, energetic balancing, past life healing, ancestral healing, soul retrieval, and chakra clearing, all in service to this simplicity you are.


Sessions are 30, 60, and 90 minutes please contact Chesaray for more information and to schedule. 

Working with Chesaray has changed my life. For two weeks, we did an hour online session every weekday, and I am literally transformed. I felt a heart to heart connection, that I didn’t know could happen at a distance. I released a lot of old emotions, and healed really deeply. She helped me to see precisely what emotions were stuck inside my chronic pain. After our first one hour healing session, I had no more back pain. I think Chesaray has this great sensitive capacity to really connect with you wherever you are.”


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