Open Circle Events

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“Love’s transmission is infinite and unconditional. Love can fill every feeling of lack and pain we perceive. Our purpose is to discover and embody this love… to let it live us.“ ~ Chesaray

The Joy of Being: Expanding Our Capacity to Embody Innate Happiness

Saturday, Oct. 1st, 2022 @ 10:00am-12:00pm (Pacific Time)

Our deepest challenges contain gems that surpass all understanding. We become more of ourselves as we find tender ways of leaning into our edges of growth and aliveness. We learn to live from our innate Joy when our mind’s notions of duality dissolve into this great knowing.


This two hour meeting is an invitation into the experiential understanding of the Divine. Our time together will be a still or moving meditation, a talk and exchanges. This work aims to foster ones capacity to be on the edge of growth and aliveness. These palpable guided meditations and exchanges enrich ones receptivity to Grace, encourage deep somatic inquiry, and support awakening in all directions.


Chesaray’s search for “What is Real?” began as early as she can remember. After losing several significant loved ones in her teens she was driven into a deep contemplation of grief, God, and death. This drew her interest to travel and live in India where she studied with several masters. Upon returning she began to immerse herself with other master teachers from the west. This opened a series of profound awakenings which set her in the direction of devoting her life to Self-Realization. After years of development, a plunge into a dark night of the soul and two brain injuries, Chesaray was stripped of her common sense of self and the world. As a result her initially unbearable descent turned inside out and became a bow to Life, an unconditional love for the grit and joys of living. It is this Love that guides her heart and mind as she serves the awakening of humanity.

Working with Chesaray has changed my life. For two weeks, we did an hour online session every weekday, and I am literally transformed. I felt a heart to heart connection, that I didn’t know could happen at a distance. I released a lot of old emotions, and healed really deeply. She helped me to see precisely what emotions were stuck inside my chronic pain. After our first one hour healing session, I had no more back pain. I think Chesaray has this great sensitive capacity to really connect with you wherever you are.”