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Open Circle Events


“Most of our conditioning comes from human beings. Dyads offer an opportunity to directly unearth and unwind that very conditioning and open to who we really are.“ ~ Chesaray

The Alchemy of Connection: Exploring the Transformative Power of Dyads

Sunday, March 19, 2022 @ 9:00am-11:00am

(Pacific Time)

Dyads are an exceptional way to deepen in the felt sense of presence, relationally heal, and explore one's edge of growth. In this two hour event we will open with a mediation, explore a dyad, and have time for exchanges with Chesaray and Julian.

The dyads we offer are a space of co-inquiry where two people come together in the spirit of Truth. Done with care, sincerity and presence the space between two people, a dyad, can become a vehicle for healing and awakening. The power of a dyad can bring aliveness into our everyday relating, develop our capacity to co-regulate, give us an opportunity for relational healing, and shift how we relate with ourselves. A dyad can also help us open to Divine presence, stretch our capacity to receive the blessings of our life, and embody our True Nature.


Join us this month for this 2 hour Open Circle Event March 19 at 9am. The Link to register is coming soon.

We also have an up-coming weekend retreat on Dyads March 25-26. For retreat information please visit

For information on Julian's sessions and offerings Visit

Working with Chesaray has changed my life. For two weeks, we did an hour online session every weekday, and I am literally transformed. I felt a heart to heart connection, that I didn’t know could happen at a distance. I released a lot of old emotions, and healed really deeply. She helped me to see precisely what emotions were stuck inside my chronic pain. After our first one hour healing session, I had no more back pain. I think Chesaray has this great sensitive capacity to really connect with you wherever you are.”


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