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What Seed Are You?

~ A Course in Grounding

Into What You Love ~

This course is offered annually.

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“For humans to truly thrive we need to be grounded in the basics. Discerning what we are, loving what we love, and embodying this creates a happy life.”



Grounding is the most important foundation for blossoming on the spiritual path. Without grounding one can feel overwhelmed, exhausted, scattered and unable to enjoy the fruits of spiritual realization. In this course we will take the time to create the proper foundation that can be returned to again and again as one progresses on the spiritual path.

We will be exploring topics such as clarifying your aspirations, tending to the basics of your life, the importance of consistent spiritual practice, and a deep exploration on how to direct your life towards what you love most.  Being together in this prolonged way will give us a sense of community and facilitate a powerful container for our inner work.



Chesaray is a gifted healer that is filled with down-to-earth wisdom and loving presence. For over 20 years she has studied and practiced ancient spiritual traditions, somatic psychology, conscious movement, holistic health, and bodywork. Because she faced tremendous difficulties during a dark night of the Soul, she has a gift for meeting people where they're at and supporting their awakening.


Chesaray works online with people from all over the world. If possible, you are encouraged to contact us and book a session  after your retreat to integrate into daily life what the retreat experience has opened in you. 


Program Schedule

To be determined


Program Activities

  • Guided Healing Meditations

  • Somatic Self inquiry Sessions

  • A non-shaming space that is trauma informed 

  • Explore your experience and heartfelt questions

  • Learn how to be with all aspects of yourself

  • Grow is self care and love

Course Details


This event will be recorded and the recordings will be available at a later date. There have been many request for recordings of our events. This course will be the first course that is later offered as a recording.


What is shared in course is a spiritual practice in itself. We have found people can go deeper if their personal content is only theirs to bring up. We ask that only the person who shares speak about their experience, and that others keep any advice, cross talk, or discussion of other peoples content to themselves. If something is evoked, you're welcome to express what is alive for you without referring to other people's shares.


The cost for the course is $140


If you have the ability to support another or need financial support we offer a sliding scale of $120-160

To register contact: 

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