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The Alchemy of Connection:
Exploring the Transformative Power of Dyads
An Online Retreat
Co-led by Julian Mişliuc & Chesaray

May 28th - 29th 

Saturday & Sunday

7:30am -1:30pm Pacific

“For where two or three are gathered together in My name,
I Am there in the midst of them.” Matthew 18:20

This retreat will be an experiential exploration of dyads. Dyads are when two people come together in the spirit of what they love most. Done with care, sincerity and presence the space between two people - a dyad can become a vehicle for Truth. In this retreat we’ll explore the mechanics of how to set up the appropriate conditions for a dyad to be a safe, healing and transformative environment.

Dyads are a great opportunity to deepen our connection to the Divine while also develop our relational competencies. Relationally the power of a dyad brings an aliveness into our everyday relating, develops our capacity to co-regulate, gives us an opportunity for relational healing, and shifts how we relate with ourselves. Regarding the Divine, a dyad can help us open to Presence in a fuller & richer way, learn how to attune to our guidance and knowing, stretch our capacity to receive the blessings of our life.

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Who it's for:

This Dyad Retreat is catered to those who already share in a longing or orientation toward Truth, Love, Soul, Spirit, healing, awakening and the embodiment of these. It is for those who would like to learn and develop the skills to create a safe and rich container in which two peers can come together to explore, discover and tend to what their Being & Soul love most.

Dyads, in the way that we are using the term isn’t so much oriented around couples coming together in this way. Rather it is catered to anyone who would like to learn how to create a space where two people come together for an ever unfolding richness of their being, life, and humanity.

With the appropriate conditions and attitude, a dyad can become the most extraordinary space where the fullness of our hearts, the clear light of our being, and the brilliance of our depths can be revealed. After all these years we see dyads as a very alive, embodied spiritual practice. We are here to share what we’ve discovered in these spaces and what could help you discover the same and more.


Chesaray is a gifted healer that is filled with down-to-earth wisdom and loving presence. For over 15 years she has studied and practiced ancient spiritual traditions, somatic psychology, conscious movement, holistic health, and bodywork. Because she faced tremendous difficulties during a dark night of the Soul, she has a gift for meeting people where they're at and supporting their awakening.

Click here for more info on Chesaray



Julian has a background in practicing with multiple spiritual masters, as well as training in men’s work, group work, energetic bodywork, and post traumatic growth somatic therapy. He brings a wholistic approach to helping people heal, transform, rest into their True Nature and embody who they really are in everyday life. Julian has utilized dyads as one of his main spiritual practices from the start of his awakening journey and continues to harvest the fruits and potentials of what dyads can be. His background in healing, awakening and a thorough understanding of the mechanics of dyads makes him the perfect complement for this retreat.

For more info visit his website:


Program Schedule


7:30am – 9:30am Pacific

11:00am-1:30pm Pacific


7:30am – 9:30am Pacific

11:00am-1:30pm Pacific


Program Activities

  • Guided Healing Meditations

  • Talks/Transmissions on Topic

  • Exploring Dyad-ing with peers

  • Somatic Self Inquiry

  • Opportunity to Interact & Ask Heartfelt Questions

Retreat Details


Confidentiality is essential to the healing strength of the retreat. This event will be recorded and no recording will be used without a participant's permission. What is shared in retreat is a spiritual practice in itself. We have found people can go deeper if their personal content is only theirs to bring up. We ask that only the person who shares speak about their experience, and that others keep any advice, cross talk, or discussion of other peoples content to themselves. If something is evoked, you're welcome to express what is alive for you without referring to other people's shares.


Most of how technology is used inhibits the mind from dropping into slow rhythms of deep healing, connection, and rest. Unless there is an emergency, join us in discovering what a short digital detox might offer inside and outside of our meeting times. Please activate auto response, handle your business before the starting time on Saturday, and prioritize your inner life until retreat ends Sunday. We trust in your maturity, inner integrity, and self-commitment to follow this possibly not so easy guideline. If you have an exception that would prevent you from attending, please contact the organizer to see if an exception can be made.



The cost for each Online Retreat is a sliding scale of $100-$200.

Partial financial scholarships and work-trade opportunities are available. To sign up or for more information please contact 

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