Oceanic Peace Within

An Online Retreat Exploring the

Subterranean Realms of Being & the Psyche    

August 14th and 15th 7:30am-9:30am, 10:30am-1:00pm pst

(Europe and US friendly time)

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There is nothing like the rest that comes from the depths of our Being. Abiding rest requires a willingness to be with the whole of what we are. Exploring the whole of what we are puts us in touch with aspects of our selves that we’ve dismissed, rejected, judged and cast out. What can meet these challenging aspects but the Oceanic Presence of our inherent nature. It is this Oceanic Presence that is the healer, the presence which undoes and releases the unconscious undercurrents of suffering in our lives. Join us for a two day dive into your bottomless oceanic depths.

  • Recalibrate your life compass to what matters

  • Learn to rest the nervous system in presence

  • Discover how to transform emotions, limiting beliefs, and habits

  • Rest deeply in the waters of your Soul

  • Receive and discover unconditional Love

  • Ask your heartfelt questions

  • Receive support and guidance in working through challenges and deepening in true peace

  • Embody a fuller sense of life and flow

  • Learn tools to work with dopamine detox


Chesaray is a gifted healer, a rare embodiment of down-to-earth wisdom, and a loving Presence. For over 15 years she has studied and practiced ancient spiritual traditions, somatic psychology, concious movement, holistic health, and bodywork. She has a gift for meeting people where they're at and supporting their awakening to the profundity of Being, Fullness, True Power, and Depth.


Chesaray works online with people from all over the world. If possible, you are encouraged to contact us and book a session  after your retreat to integrate into daily life what the retreat experience has opened in you. 

Program Schedule

SATURDAY, August 14th

7:30am – 9:30am Pacific

10:30am-1:00pm Pacific

SUNDAY, August 15th

7:30am – 9:30am Pacific

10:30am-1:00pm Pacific


Program Activities

  • Guided healing meditations  

  • Somatic self-inquiry sessions 

  • Exploring nervous system regulation practices and allowing everything to be 

  • Enjoy a non-shaming space in which you can ask questions and explore your experience

  • Supported movement and mindfulness in motion explorations 

  • Discover life as an adventure

Retreat Details


Confidentiality is essential to the healing strength of the retreat. This event will be recorded and no recording will be used without a participant's permission. What is shared in retreat is a spiritual practice in itself. We have found people can go deeper if their personal content is only theirs to bring up. We ask that only the person who shares speak about their experience, and that others keep any advice, cross talk, or discussion of other peoples content to themselves. If something is evoked, you're welcome to express what is alive for you without referring to other people's shares.



Most of how technology is used inhibits the mind from dropping into slow rhythms of deep healing, connection, and rest. Unless there is an emergency, join us in discovering what a short digital detox might offer inside and outside of our meeting times. Please activate auto response, handle your business before the starting time on Saturday, and prioritize your inner life until retreat ends Sunday. We trust in your maturity, inner integrity, and self-commitment to follow this possibly not so easy guideline. If you have an exception that would prevent you from attending, please contact the organizer to see if an exception can be made.



The cost for the August Online Retreat is a sliding scale of $120-$220.

Partial financial scholarships and work-trade opportunities are available. Please contact